Tim Wright

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Jimmy Wilson

Guitar, Vocals

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Phil "The Thrill" Lovelace


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Stan Bumgarner

 Lead Vocals and guitar

The Band

Louie Grigg

Drums, Vocals

We have been in the studio writing and developing new music !!  Two more new originals are already slated to release in late summer !!

Rod Mauney

Keyboard,Guitar, Vocals

 Ocean Blvd Band is made up of six of the areas top musicians with hundreds of years of experience !! Stan Bumgarner is our lead singer, Phil Lovelace on saxophone, Bo Baity on lead guitar and vocals, Rod Mauney on keys,guitar and vocals, Louie Grigg on drums and vocals and Tim Wright on bass guitar and vocals.

About Ocean Blvd Band


Ocean Blvd Band is more than just Beach Music !! We play classic rock'n'roll, country, pop, you name it, we can play it !!

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Larry Wright  

Larry played with Ocean Blvd from 2000 until his death on November 24, 2014. He was only 61 years old, but had been battling leukemia for years.  He was a great friend and musician and important part of Ocean Blvd !! He is sorely missed but will never be forgotten !!!

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